South Indian food in Indian Cuisine

North Indian Food In Indian food in Kuta Bali

South Indian food is largely non-greasy, roasted and steamed. Rice is the staple diet and forms the basis of every meal. It is usually served with sambhar, rasam (a thin soup), dry and curried vegetables and a curd preparation called pachadi. Coconut is an important ingredient in all South Indian food.
Indian cuisine is known for its immense diversity and authenticity. By integrating a number of ingredients like spices, vegetables, grains and fruits, most of the Indian dishes rank high in taste and flavor. Further, the culture and history of a particular place is truly reflected in their dishes. That is why many people travel to other regions in order to discover authentic dishes of that region. South India is popular for dishes like dosas and idlis.
In addition, as South Indian food is extremely high on nutrition and taste, they have become extremely popular among health conscious and family crowds as well.

“Bollywood Masalaz”an authentic Indian Cuisine restaurant is one of the most popular restaurant serves lovely South Indian dishes in the Kuta-Bali(Indonesia). With a wide and comprehensive menu that includes Dosas, Vada, Idlis, Curd Rice, Tamarind Rice and sweets like Rawa Kesari, the restaurant has numerous varieties to choose from.
In addition, features like Live Kitchen, enables customers to enjoy the visual treat of watching their meals being cooked in front of them. With so many facilities and features, We “Bollywood masalaz” hopes to make South Indian cuisine popular in all over the Bali.